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Good Holiday Ideas | October 19, 2018

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Posts By James Hill

Brits get most holidays in Europe

10 November 2016 |

British citizens get the most holidays in Europe – 28 days paid leave each year – but actually take less holidays.

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Not a ski in sight in Iceland and Greenland

19 August 2016 |

GSG explorer Pietro Simonetti searches for snow in the far North

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World-beater Touring Car

15 August 2016 |

All-electric Tesla is Space-age, does ludicrous-speeds, drives itself and has zero fuel bills, reports John Hill.

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Tea Time is Me Time

29 July 2016 |

That great British institution, afternoon tea, is a world beater becoming more and more popular, writes John Hill.

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The Beautiful Cotswolds

19 July 2016 |

Woodstock in the Cotswolds is often lauded as England’s prettiest town. By John Hill

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Vango Magic

29 June 2016 |

It’s summer and shortly the hiking, biking, camping and gigs season will be on us.

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Florida at its finest

24 June 2016 |

Nigel Blundell, fishing rod in hand, files from one of the world’s beauty spots.

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Non! Holidays to Europe will NOT be banned

9 June 2016 |

The latest Brexit poll shows that one in six Britons think a vote to leave means no more European holidays for Britons.

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The high road in Piemonte

3 June 2016 |

James Callery marvels at the magic of e-biking.

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