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Good Holiday Ideas | May 22, 2024

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Non! Holidays to Europe will NOT be banned

Non! Holidays to Europe will NOT be banned
  • On 9 June 2016

The latest Brexit poll shows that one in six Britons think a vote to leave means no more European holidays for Britons.

Some 16 per cent of Britons interviewed thought that the European borders would be closed in the event of a Brexit, and as a result 88% of them were planning to vote to “stay” in the upcoming referendum.

The poll was carried out for, who spoke to 2,126 voting age people Britain-wide, who were asked about the Referendum and their voting intentions and the top five answers were:
1. Holidays abroad to the EU would become more expensive – 61%
2. Holidays abroad to the EU would become cheaper – 39%
3. Britons would no longer be allowed to holiday abroad to EU countries – 16%
4. British tourism from overseas residents would decline – 14%
5. Devaluation of the pound (worth less Euros) – 11%

One in ten respondents (9%) said that they felt they would be treated badly by those living in other EU countries if Britain decided to leave the European Union.
Some 27% of respondents said that they wouldn’t be voting at all, and more than half, 52%, admitted to feeling ‘confused’ about what leaving or staying in the EU would mean for Britons.

  • Chris Clarkson, managing director of, said: “Despite the constant talk of what would and wouldn’t happen if Britons voted to leave or stay in the EU, people are still clearly confused. I can reassure people that a Brexit wouldn’t mean EU countries shut their borders to us for holidays. But as yet it’s hard to say how it could impact travel costs.”
  • Good Holiday can do more: We have interviewed all major EU holiday countries and all, even France, say they will be delighted to have British visitors irrespective of the Brexit outcome. And some tourist officials even privately admitted that they too are fed up with the EU and want to leave to.”

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