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Good Holiday Ideas | May 22, 2024

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They are our most-used tools, yet we hardly give our hands a thought,  though you need them for most everything we do –

  • Feed and dress and feed ourselves,
  • Express our feelings and communicate,
  • To touch and care, to scribe, to play, to work.
  • And in love-making

Loss of hand function threatens our independence, our well-being and our livelihoods; hand and Britain’s hand surgeons are dedicated to restoring these after injuries or diseases.”

Now the hand doctors medical charity, the British Society for Surgery of the Hand, is launching a crowd funder for its first ever book, Hands Re:Worked – a montage of photographs celebrating hand patients, their inspiring stories and their hands, reclaimed with the help of surgery.

Hands Re:Worked showcases a wide variety of inspiring patients’ stories, from para-triathletes to stonemasons, Archbishops to survivors of terrorist attacks. The project will be financed by crowd funding with any additional money going to the BSSH charitable work.