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Good Holiday Ideas | May 21, 2024

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Books for Christmas

Books for Christmas

Climate is on most peoples’ minds . Read more..

Raucous stormy seas to vivid rainbows, weather’s most exciting moments come to life in this new hardback, climate neutral pop-up book, The Weather. Preeminent paper artist Maike Biederstädt takes book engineering to new heights with electrifying weather scenarios in his introduction to weather for budding climatologists.

Ages: 5+ RRP: £19.99

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– Here’s a book to make even the fussiest of eaters interested
in what’s on their plates. Olaf Hajek’s introduction to common vegetables serves up beautiful illustrations, showing how each vegetable appears in its natural soil habitat, and how it might be eaten.

RRP £49.99

With illustrations from Jan van der Veken


The history of flight – Wright Brothers to Concorde – tells
how does a plane moves through the air? All about turbulence? Plus what all those lines on the runways mean?

Jan van der Veken: Planes. Prestel Publishing (Hardcover)

RRP £14.99

Naughty but nice..

Why not create some intimate fun and excitement during your advent this year with The Couple’s Advent-ure Scratch Calendar? Naughty little calendar, complete with 24 sexy and romantic challenges, helps you both advent together!

For adults

Available at SRP: £6.99


Waboba® was invented in Sweden in 2005 with the “ball that bounces on water”, Now its Wingman takes to the skies with its “Ugly Sweater” frisbee flying over 130 feet, then goes home in your pocket.

SRP: £5.99

Ages: 6+

Available at and leading toy and leisure stores


Waboba’s latest is MoonShine, a crazy, gravity-defying ball which can bounce up to 100 feet and lights up for seven seconds.

SRP: £7.99

Ages: 5+

Available at and leading toy and leisure stores


SnapWatch is the super cool way to tell the time this Christmas!
It’s a brand new wearable featuring flexible display technology, enabling this nifty little watch to snap securely round a wrist. `

RRP: £9.99 plus P&P

Ages: 5+

Available at
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