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Good Holiday Ideas | May 21, 2024

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Summer Good Holiday reads

Summer Good Holiday reads

Here’s two new Culture Smart travel guides for the days ahead when we can venture safely back to Europe.

Both Barry Tomalin’s  book on Germany and Kendall Hunter’s Switzerland guide are fact-filled,  up-to-date, and more importantly travel-sized for easy reference to local customs, traditions, food and travel, and will go down well with Brits who always hate making a fool of themselves when asking questions of foreigners.

Best tips I found were on driving on German autobahns  – flashing lights from behind warn that a Porsche or BMW is abut to race past you at 150 mph (legal in Germany)  and remember to always take your passport or reliable ID with you as the poletzei often do spot checks – and never ever exceed to 1 pint of beer limit, or face arrest.

We rate both nations  friendlier to visitors than the French (who live off tourism) and the Swiss guide even has tips on kissing greetings and how they differ from us. A must for the serious travellers these Culture Smart guides cost £9.99.