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Good Holiday Ideas | May 21, 2024

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Holiday Brits burn billion

Holiday Brits burn billion

£90 excess currency from every trip. Read more from WeSwap..


As Brits head home from half-term foreign breaks, figures show they are burning money by the £billion.

Unspent Dollars, Euros and Yuans go to waste every year as we have become a nation of currency hoarders, says travel money firm WeSwap, who reckon more than £819 million foreign currency is nestled in coin-jars and piggy banks nationwide.

The company’s survey of 2,000 UK adults to reveal that an average of £90 excess currency is brought from each trip.   WeSwap report –

  • 60% of travellers – 27.1 million – over-budget on for spending money on holiday
  • £2.5billion in foreign currency comes home unused
  • 65% – 29 million – are currently hoarding excess currency from previous trips abroad
  • 31% – 9.6 million – store excess currency in piggy-banks, coin jars and boxes under the bed
  • £819m is in piggy-banks, jars and boxes under the bed right now.

WeSwap boss Jerod Jessner advises us to search for free ATMs while abroad. And also save money in shops by telling merchants you want to be billed in the local currency, not sterling.